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Earn up to $100 in FREE AVON Products! Host an AVON eParty!

Monday, June 24 2013

Earn up to $100 in FREE AVON Products!           Host an Avon E-Party!!



An AVON eParty is a great way to host aparty without the process of synchronizing schedules, preparing snacks,cleaning house, or entertaining guests! You can also invite any of your friendsregardless of where they live. Best of all, with an AVON eParty,you can enjoy the fun too while earning a discount and free hostess giftsonyour order!


An AVON eParty will last two weeks andyour discounts and free products are based on the outcome of your party.  In other words, the more friends you invite that participate by placing anorder, the bigger your reward will be.  You and your friends will benefitfrom receiving FREE shipping on orders over $30 directly to their residenceanywhere in the United States.   Ordersless than $30 ship direct to each customers door for only $3.00!


Booking an AVON eParty is easy! I am currently booking eParties for Campaign 16, so the eParty willbegin on 7/10/13 and run through 7/24/13. Email me or visit my Avon site at to request your eParty. Then, get a list of your friends together ande-mail  them the link and your eParty code so they can shop online anytimeduring your eParty and you will get the credit. Once your party is over, I willlet you know your discount amount for your own order and also the dollar amountin FREE AVON products that you can choose from the brochure!     


You can alsocreate an Event on your Facebook page to invite your friends on Facebook toyour eParty.  Tips for a successfuleParty will be sent to you in your Hostess Packet once your eParty is set up.



An AVON E-Partyis the easiest party you will ever host!


  •        No cleaning your house beforethe guest arrive.

  •        No last minute stop at thegrocery store to pick up snacks.

  •        No cleaning up afterwards.Just sit back, relax and forward a email invitation to all your friends to shopyour AVON E-Party.

  •        Your friends shop at theirconvenience, while you earn FREE AVON from the sales


Sound good to you??  GREAT!  Contact me TODAY to getyour eParty booked!



Kristine Locke

AVON Independent Sales Representative

& National Recruiter

Phone: 1-800-644-8515